The Frog and the Nightingale – Doing What You Do Best

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One day, while the frog was singing by the pond, the nightingale, the minister of arts and culture of the animal kingdom, said to it.
“You have a very loud singing voice. You should join the singing group.”
“No, I want to join the swimming competition, and I’m on my way to see the sports minister, the boar.” The frog replied.
“But being a singer is easy and earns a lot of money!”
“Indeed, but my specialty is swimming. The only way to get a better result is to go to a swimming class.” When the frog finished, he went to the sports minister, the boar.
Someone once said, “The career a person achieves is necessarily that person’s specialty.” Indeed, the most foolish person in the world gives up his strengths for his weaknesses.
You can only find the right position to give full play to their talents. It is possible to obtain the desired success, just like a locomotive. It is only powerful to travel on the tracks, to play its role. Once off the tracks, it won’t be easy to move.
Therefore, it is a kind of wisdom to do what you are best at doing.

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