The friendship between the lion and the goat – caring for others and being managed by others

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The lion was sick. The goat brought the lion water and delicious meals and went to the bottom of the mountain to ask the hippo doctor to see the lion, regardless of the past. In the goat’s busy care, the lion’s illness finally healed.
The goat saw the lion’s strength slowly recover and hunt their prey. They quietly returned to the grasslands and soon forgot to take care of the lion.
Six months later, when the goat was foraging for food, it was unexpectedly attacked by a group of wolves. Although the goat fought hard to resist, a wolf was outnumbered and pounced on the ground. In the nick of time, a lion suddenly came from afar and rushed into the pack of wolves. The lion pounced and bit the wolves, and when the wolves saw that the situation was bad, they had to put down the injured goat and flee away.
“Lion, thank you for saving my life.” The goat struggled to stand up from the ground and said gratefully.
“No thanks, this is what I should do. Because you have also given me care in my most difficult time, ah!” After the lion finished, he helped the goat and sent it back to the goat’s village.
No matter who the person is, be it a farmer or a king, we all like to be cared for and loved by others, especially when we are disappointed or sick. If we can get the care of others, then the beneficiary will never forget this care.
Caring for others is an indispensable key in dealing with the world. A person who knows how to care for others and give his love to others will benefit from his genuine care, which will lead to good interpersonal relationships for his whole life.

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