The fox who wanted everything – Don’t have illusions about distant things

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A fox stole a chicken from a farmer’s house. It carried the chicken proudly and prepared to escape to the other side of the river to have a good meal.
When it came to the bridge, but suddenly saw a fox in the river below the bridge; the fox also had a chicken in its mouth, but that chicken than the one it had just stolen as long as the fat.
So, the fox on the bridge did not hesitate to throw away their mouths gripping the chicken. To the river, the fox swooped down, wanting to take the fat chicken for themselves.
As a result, the fox is tossed in the river for a while, but how can it not find the chicken in the water when it comes to its senses and then finds its original chicken but is washed away early by the river?
The fox in the water and the enlarged chicken these water reflections are like the illusions generated when greed is inflated. These illusions blind some people’s most realistic psychology, so they lose their most basic judgment, in reality, resulting in an empty basket. This is the most direct danger of greed. The best way to refuse this temptation is to remember the words of our ancestors: the meat in your mouth is your own, is realistic, and never holds unrealistic illusions about distant things.

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