The fox who only talks but doesn’t act – actions are far more important than words

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When the fox heard that there was a plague in the Dwarf Kingdom, he was busy telling the Lion King that he was willing to do everything he could to help the victims of the Dwarf Kingdom to survive the crisis.
“You are truly a man of high moral character.” The Lion King stroked his beard and said.
“If you have two houses, are you willing to dedicate one to the dwarves to live in?”
“Yes, I would.” The fox replied definitely.
“If you have two bags of grain, are you willing to dedicate one bag to them to feed their hunger?” “Yes, I am very willing.”
“If you have two pieces of warm clothes, will you give one to keep them warm?”
“No, I would never be willing!”
“Why? The value of one winter coat is far less than that of a house and a bag of grain.” The Lion King asked in surprise.
“Because I don’t have two houses or two bags of grain, but the top, I have …… two.” The last few words that the fox said squeezed out from his teeth.
“Get away. You only say not to pay the villain, never appear in front of me again.” The lion king scolded the fox angrily.
The fox was so scared that he fled with his tail between his legs.
Not only the fox in the fable should keep his promise, but we humans should be trustworthy and do what we say we will do. However, sometimes keeping promises will damage their interests, but do not abandon the quality of integrity because of their little self-interest because the loss is temporary. Keeping your word can not only make your rate hammered nobler but also impact your career.
Always remember that actions are far more important than words!

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