The fox who keeps his mouth shut – keeping a little “secret” for himself

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In the “Happy Bar,” the fox shook his glass and said to the wolf.
“I am very dissatisfied with the Lion King’s promotion of the boar. Last month he made him the chief of the royal guard, and today he made him the general. What kind of virtue and ability does the boar have to enjoy such an honor? And I, martial arts skills, full of literary talent, but unfortunately, heroes have no use!”
“Old brother, you are drunk!” The wolf reminded the fox.
“I am not drunk. What I just said is all in my heart.” The fox shouted. At that moment, the wild boar also happened to come to the “Happy Bar,” and it happened to hear the fox’s words. However, the boar did not say anything but sat down in a dark corner and drank himself.
Later, the lion king said to the boar, “Because of the fox’s literary and military skills, I would like to appoint the fox as the deputy prime minister to assist you in managing your daily affairs.” When the boar heard this, although he knew that the fox was a talented person, he remembered that the fox had said bad things about himself before and found various reasons to prove that the fox was not. The lion king believed the boar’s words and gave up the idea of making the fox the vice-chancellor.
The poor fox died of depression because he had no talent and spent his days drinking his sorrows.
The fox must not have thought it was not the hunter who killed himself but his tongue. In human interaction, you’d better not say everything out loud. Beware of “trouble” out of the mouth. So, leaving some “secrets” to yourself is to leave a point of safety to themselves, leave a moment of leeway, and leave an end of opportunity to themselves.

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