The Fox Who Is Never Satisfied – Cultivating a Heart of Abundance

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One day, the goat went to the fox’s house to visit. When the goat saw that the walls of the fox’s home were covered with many goats and hares, he said, “Man, you are really something, you have caught so much prey, you can live a year of plenty.” “Alas, what is this? These days I’m so worried that I can’t eat or sleep!”
“Why? Are you still not satisfied?” The goat asked in surprise.
“Of course, you don’t know, the rabbit and venison in the cheetah’s house are almost piled up into a small mountain, can I be happy? Can I be satisfied?”
“As long as you have the mentality of ‘more is better’ and think that material life ‘the more the better’, you will never be satisfied, let alone happy.” The goat finished speaking and turned to leave the fox’s house. As it walked to the door, it heard a long sigh from the fox.

It would help if you were satisfied when you got something or achieved a specific goal. If you think “more is better” for everything, it will suppress your enjoyment of happiness. Cultivating contentment doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t want more than others; your joy shouldn’t be overly dependent on it. You should focus on the present and learn to enjoy what you have so that you will be content and happiness will follow.

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