The Fox Who Corrected His Mistake – Trust Can Save the Souls of Others

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The lion king called the fox to receive punishment for stealing the farmer’s chicken.

In order to warn the fox to behave properly in the future, the lion king ordered the monkey to engrave the words “Never Again” on a bronze plaque and hang it around the fox’s neck. The fox was ashamed of this and decided to change its mind and behave appropriately. One day, the fox found a mouse stealing grapes from the orchard and shouted, “Come and catch the thief, someone is stealing grapes!” But when the black cat sheriff with police officers rushed into the vineyard, the mouse had long fled without a trace, leaving only a large pile of grape kernels.

“You bad boy, just now you are not a thief to catch a thief? You just received the lion king’s chastisement, still hanging a bronze medal around your neck, who will believe you in the future?” The black cat sheriff finished, with a large team of police officers aggressively away.

After hearing this, the fox was heartbroken and thought that no one in the world would believe him anymore, so he decided to come down from the mountain and continue to do his old job, stealing for a living.

When the fox got halfway up the mountain, he saw a little white rabbit sitting on the side of the road, crying.

“Ha …… ha …… ha, I can just eat this rabbit first to fill the hunger, later on more strength to catch the chicken.” When the fox thought of this, he slowed down and gently walked towards the white rabbit.

“Mr. Fox, can you walk me down the hill? I am lost.” Just as the fox was about to open its big mouth and grab the little white rabbit in one gulp, the little white rabbit rubbed its red and swollen eyes and said to it.

“Well, this is certainly possible.”

At that very moment, the fox felt the white rabbit’s immense trust in itself, a belief that gave it strength and cleansed all the dirt from its soul. The fox swore in his heart that he would never do anything like steal chickens and dogs again.

Trust is respect for the personality of others; trust is an invisible force that can make people go astray to the right path; trust is a clear spring that can help others wash away the dirt in their souls.

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