The Four Princes – No Road Longer than the Foot

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The ancient kingdom of Araby was situated deep in the desert, and years of raging sands had left the formerly rich city devastated and its people dwindling. One day the king called his four princes together and said to them, “I intend to move the capital of the kingdom to Karun, which is said to be beautiful and rich.”
“Karun is far, far away from here, over many high mountains, through meadows and swamps, and across many great rivers, but how far it is, no one knows.” The king said.
The king looked at them and continued, “I have decided that you four should go in separate groups to explore the road.”
All four princes were amazed at the king’s decision but obeyed the order and set out with plenty of belongings.
The first prince traveled by car for eight days, over four mountains, and came to an endless meadow. When he asked the locals, he learned that he had to cross a swamp, a big river, and a snowy mountain after the meadow.
After the second prince crossed a swamp, he was blocked by a wide river and looked at the rushing river.
The third prince floated across two big rivers but then walked into a boundless desert, and in the vast desert, he was searching for the way back.
A month later, the first and second princes returned to the king one after another, reporting to him what they had seen along the way, and both repeatedly stressed in particular that they had asked many people on the way. They had all told them that the way to Karun was far away.
After some more days, the young prince returned dusty and excited and reported to his father that it was only an eighteen-day journey to Karun.
The king smiled with satisfaction: “My son, you are right, in fact I have been to Karun long ago.”
Several princes looked at the king in confusion – then why send them to explore the road?
The king said solemnly, “I just want to tell you four words – feet are longer than the road.”

“There is no road longer than the foot, and there is no mountain higher than the man.” Feet are longer than the road; this is the unbreakable truth of the ages; no matter how far the distance is, as long as one foot persistently goes, all the bumps will be trampled under our feet. Indeed, when we encounter difficulties, the most effective attitude to solve is to “go forward” so that we not only can reduce the time to entangle with the problem but also focus on a focus to break through the adversity of the trouble.

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