The Flying Tortoise – Helping others in the right way.

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When the tortoise fell ill, the eagle went to visit him.

“Mr. Tortoise, do you have any unfulfilled wishes? Tell me and maybe I can help you.” The hawk said enthusiastically.

“Before I die, my only wish is to fly in the sky like you, to taste the taste of flying. If you help me to fulfill this wish, I will leave this world with satisfaction.” The turtle finished with tears in his eyes.

“Just a little thing, I will help you to achieve this wish.” When the eagle finished, he went to the door and got a thin stick and said to the tortoise, “Mr. Tortoise, you bite one end of this stick, and I will hold the other end in my mouth, and as soon as I beat my wings, I can take you up to the sky.”

“But, this is too dangerous, you use the rope to tie me to you, or that is safer.” The tortoise suggested.

“It does not matter, I have used this method to help a crab dream of flying!”

The turtle could not say anything else; it had to crawl over and bite the thin stick with its mouth. The hawk also used its mouth to hold the other end of the post, and then a beat of wings flew up into the sky.

The hawk took the turtle to fly, happy when it saw the clouds drifting past because it felt that he took the turtle to fulfil the dream of flying and did a great job. When it was flying and having fun, the turtle suddenly let go of the stick and fell from the sky.

“Mr. Turtle, wake up, you just want to die early, but also let me take you to fly a little longer ah! Why do you think of ending your life early?” The eagle landed on the ground and shook the turtle’s bloodied body as it fell, sighing.

“The turtle did not commit suicide, not of its own accord to let go of the thin stick, but it was sick, it no longer had the strength to bite the thin stick for a long time, and when it ran out of strength, you continued to fly. In desperation, it had to open its mouth to shout at you to stop, but a mouth, it fell. For its death, you are also responsible!” A passing god said.

“What? I’m responsible? I was trying to help it with good intentions!” The eagle cried out injustice. In the fable, the eagle’s intention is good, it just wants to help the turtle to achieve its wish, and its help is free. But unfortunately, the hawk does not know how to help others and also needs to be careful, but the result is to harm others, and the effort is not pleasing.

The moral of this parable is not to tell you not to help others in the future; on the contrary, you should do your best to help those who need help. However, when helping others, you should first think about it and find the best way before you act; do not be like the eagle, although enthusiastic, but too blind, but help the wrong way, so that good intentions become evil thoughts, good deeds become bad.

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