The fisherman likes to swear – don’t let the plan box you in.

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A fisherman had a habit of making a plan every time before he went out fishing.

One day, when he went fishing, he made a plan: today, he would only catch striped bass; however, after a net down, all the sea shrimp were. So, he returned empty-handed that day.

At night, when the hungry fisherman lying in a cold bed, he regrets, “How can I throw away the sea shrimp? Sea shrimp in the market, although the price is not high, a net down, the money sold to solve the
I still have no problem selling the money to meet my food.” So, he planned to catch only sea shrimp tomorrow.

The next day, the fisherman again according to his plan to catch fish. I did not expect a net down, all the yellowtail. So, he put the yellowtail back into the sea. When he returned home empty-handed, dragging a tired body, he regretted and decided to catch only yellowtail tomorrow.

On the third day, he went fishing again according to his plan. However, this time he caught all the sardines. So, the fisherman once again returned empty-handed.

Later, the fisherman died of hunger in his plan.

Although there are no such foolish fishermen in this world, there are undoubtedly such foolish vows.
The oath itself is a wish to achieve a specific goal, but in real life, many oaths become shackles for people to achieve their goals instead. Therefore, the vows you make must be realistic, and when they are not achievable, be flexible and never let yourself become a fool trapped by the vows.

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