The farmer who dug the stone – to do things with a beginning and an end

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In ancient times, there was a farmer who had a stone protruding from the ground in the middle of the field he was ploughing. The farmer was determined to remove the stone because, although it did not occupy much space there, the farmer had to be careful every time he ploughed the ground; otherwise, the stone would be easily damaged if the plough touched it.
So, when spring came, the farmer did not sow seeds in that field in time, thinking, “I have to dig this stone out and move it first, and then it is not too late to sow seeds!”
When everyone else was busy sowing seeds in the field, the farmer carried a hoe, came to the stone and began to dig up the soil around the stone. After digging a few times, the farmer felt a little hot, so he put down the hoe and took off his coat. At that moment, his hand touched the cigarette stick in his coat pocket.
The farmer thought to himself, “I have to smoke a few puffs first, so maybe I’ll have more energy to do my job.” So the farmer sat down on a rock and smoked a cigarette. After smoking, the farmer felt a little sleepy again. He was on the stone with his head on the hoe handle, ready to doze off for a while and then get up and continue to work.
I didn’t expect the farmer to lie down, fall into a deep sleep, and go to sleep beautifully. When the farmer woke up, the sun was about to set. The farmer stood up, but he felt empty and hungry before he swung his hoe. So, the farmer picked up the hoe and went home to cook.
The next day, the farmer came back to the field. Yesterday, he was digging a few holes, which will be covered with sweat. He stopped, took off his coat, smoked, sleep. As a result, he did not dig a few hoes again.
On the third day, it was still the same.
While the stone in the farmer’s field was still unearthed, his whole field, which had not been cultivated, had grown many weeds and was completely barren.
Once a person develops the bad habit of starting without finishing and stopping halfway, he may never be able to do his job well. If your work ability is not worse than others, but the work performance is far behind others, then do not complain that your boss is unfair to you, and do not suspect whether there are other people from it, but ask yourself whether the work has been done cleanly. Well, if the answer is no, this is the reason why you can not win. You should know that those around you who have achieved great success are often a person who has done things to the end.

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