The Fable of the Wasp and the Snake

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The mighty sun god Apollo went home as soon as it was dark. When night falls, the earth is silent.
In the summer evening, the trees were exposed to the sun all day long, and the sultry air caused the cicadas to chirp, and the frogs in the river also came together from time to time. The sound of cicadas and frogs mixed, disturbing the quiet of the summer night.
In the grass by the roadside, a green snake in a green flower suit crawled out of its hole. Not that it likes the nightlife, but the irritating summer makes it uncomfortable, so it comes out to cool off. The summer night is so beautiful, and the sky is dotted with stars, little stars blinking mischievously, the light wind blowing the grass and trees swaying from side to side, making a soft rattling sound. Small insects were chirping in the bushes. How peaceful the night ah. The snake crawled unhurriedly, a little hungry and looking for something to eat. It crossed a lush green grass to a pond, a comfortable, cool bath before climbing ashore; it climbed under a tree, ready to rest and rest. A wasp buzzed and flew over shortly after, blowing a loud horn, “This must be a wasp in a hurry. Otherwise, it would not have come out to take a cool break.” The snake thought. The snake had no good impression of wasps. They only buzzed noisily, besides stealing people’s honey and stinging them. Once, the snake taught them a hard lesson and ate many of them. This was because of the darkness, and they did not see, confused about falling on the head of the snake. At first, it did not notice and thought it was in the grass and leaves. Slowly, it felt like they were moving, and I looked down to see

that it was standing on the head of the snake. The wasp thought to himself; usually, snakes bully it. This time it can be vengeful revenge on snakes. So it launched an attack on the snake, stinging it constantly, tormenting it. This snake can be miserable. The pain it crawls is not, run is not, because the wasp body is very small, the snake can not help it, it had to head to the tree, even so, but did not drive the damn wasp away, only to let the wasp slaughter. The snake wriggled and struggled as it fought to the side of the road. At that moment, a car came flying in the distance, and the snake suddenly came up with the idea to die with the wasp. So the snake put its head in the middle of the road, and the wheels drove by, and the wasp and the snake both died.

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