The Fable of the Mosquito and the Lion

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There is a vast forest in a far, far away place. Many animals live in the woods. These animals all want to be powerful in the forest.
There is a small mosquito, and it always wants to be the king of all animals. It thinks the most powerful in the forest to the lion. As long as you defeat the lion, it will be able to become the king of all animals.
After some careful preparation, the Mosquito finally declared war on the lion. It flapped its wings and flew to the lion, said to the lion: “Lion, I’m not afraid of you, you are not stronger than me, do not believe, let’s compete.” Unfortunately, the lion did not hear, still there leisurely closed eyes. Mosquito saw angry fire. With all their strength, the lion shouted: “You stupid lion, let’s try to test, see what you have the ability? Claws or teeth, I am much better than you.” Said the Mosquito blowing the trumpet to the lion with full force. The lion now can panic, eyes wide open to see, still can not know the direction of the mosquito attack. The Mosquito viciously to the lion’s face. It specializes in biting the lion’s nose around the place without hair. The lion dodged left and right, shaking his head hard, opened his bloody mouth, pounced on the Mosquito, and the results fell short. The lion roared, waving sharp claws around the crazy scratch-up, but the Mosquito was unharmed. Happy with the lion, Mosquito threatened: “Admit defeat, or I bite you to death.” The lion had never suffered this. It roared and pounced on the Mosquito but, unfortunately, again failed. The lion was so angry and screaming the Mosquito took advantage of the situation and attacked the lion so that the lion used his paws to scratch his face. No way, the lion fled.
“I win!” The Mosquito proudly blew the trumpet of victory, singing a happy song of triumph and flew away. It walked while shouting: “I defeated the lion, I am the most remarkable, I want to be the king of all animals.”
The Mosquito flew complacently; it simply did not expect the crisis ahead. Suddenly, it felt itself into a soft thing; the body was stuck. It struggled, wanted to leave, but the more it worked sticky tighter, it now awakened, the original spider web stuck to itself. A spider with fierce eyes crawled to it, and the Mosquito was completely overwhelmed by the victory. It said loudly to the spider: “Spider, I just defeated the lion, you let me go, you dare to provoke me, not afraid that I eat you?” The spider laughed coldly and said, “Shut up, you little guy who doesn’t know how to behave. Do you think it’s a big deal to defeat a lion? I have now caught you, and you wait for death!”
The Mosquito sighed long: “The lion is no match for me, and I can’t help a small spider. How sad!”

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