The Fable of the Haircut and the Shearing

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Maurice had a very rich family, but unfortunately, when he was just eighteen, his parents both fell ill and died, and he inherited his parents’ estate.
Morris grew up with no concept of the amount of money, knowing only that money is everything and everything must be purchased through cash. He did not know how hard it was to make a living and never envisioned what life would be like once he ran out of money. Many people were envious of Maurice, and some people with bad intentions wanted to cheat Maurice out of his family fortune. Morris did not know what kind of people were his good friends, and he could not distinguish between those sinister and cunning villains and the ignorant Morris made some friends with wine and meat. But he did not realize that these friends were trying to harm him.
Maurice was sent to the casino by enthusiastic friends, In less than a year, Maurice became a penny poor, living in a ruined church, and even food became a problem. When his friends but the smoke disappeared, one by one ran away without a trace.
Maurice was at a loss, not knowing how to live. At the moment of crisis, there was a kind-hearted barber among the neighbors who were willing to teach his craft to Maurice and provide him with the means to make a living. Maurice was very grateful to the barber.
From then on, Maurice lived and slept in the barber’s house, but he never forgot to learn the trade. He is a very self-respecting person. After learning for a while, he saw the barber’s life is difficult, did not want to drag people for a long time, and they offered to live independently. The barber’s wife supported Maurice’s decision, thinking that this is manly manners. The barber was afraid of his wife and had to agree silently. Thus Maurice became a barber.
Maurice had not yet learned his craft, so he was poorly skilled and made all the people who asked him to cut their hair suffer, making them feel that every haircut was torture. To take care of Morris’s business, adults grit their teeth every time, hold back the pain, and never scream, but children would rather die than dare to ask Morris to cut their hair. Morris is a wise man, unwilling to drag the folks in this way, and they quietly went away. He went through a lot of trouble to get to a rural area with cattle and sheep everywhere.
Shearing time came. The shepherd was too busy and needed help. Maurice thought that haircutting and shearing should be the same craft. Morris sincerely recommended himself to the shepherd, and the shepherd, seeing that Morris was talented and good-looking, thought that his ship was as good as his looks and welcomed him at once. He never expected that shearing and haircutting were two different things, and Maurice worked very hard, often cutting through the sheep’s skin or even cutting off the flesh together. The more Maurice sheared, the worse he got, and one of the old sheep he had sheared off six pieces of meat really didn’t want to put up with it anymore, and he said to Maurice seriously, “If shearing meat is a fun thing to do, then please shear yourself a few more times.”

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