The Fable of the Cat and the Parrot

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Adil was a rich man who loved small animals very much, and his favorite was a parrot, but he never got one. He thought about the parrot all day long and went crazy. One day, he decided to go to the street again to try his luck and see if he could buy a parrot.
Adeel leisurely strolled. He looked east, looked west, looking for the beloved parrot. Suddenly, a little hoarse and cute voice attracted him. Adeel rushed over to the parrot, which is parrot. It wears beautiful colorful flower clothes, a head and a handful of yellow feathers. In its mouth when it speaks, a closed, interesting. The owner of this parrot boasted to the onlookers, “My parrot is the smartest bird. When you hold its right leg, it will say ‘goodbye’ to you; when you hold its left leg, it will say ‘hello'”. At this point, an onlooker seriously asked, “So what will it say when I hold both legs together?” Without waiting for the parrot owner to answer, the parrot snapped, “In that case, I will fall.” It made the onlookers laugh.
Adil saw this little guy so smart and cute and immediately went up to buy the parrot after bargaining, and finally, Adil got the parrot as he wished.
Finally, there is a spacious space for this parrot to move. Adil did not put a chain on it and allowed it to move freely.
The parrot liked the new home very much, and to express its happiness, it jumped on the hearth, squatted there, and sang happily: “I am a happy bird, la la la la …….” The beautiful song was heard by the cat Adil kept, and it wriggled its fat body, wobbling over, contemptuously asked: “Hey, the new guy, who are you? Where did you come from? You’ve been screaming and singing and disturbing my dreams.” The parrot, new to the house, hastily replied, “I’m so sorry, cat butler, I didn’t know you were sleeping. I was just bought from the street by my master.” The cat glanced at the parrot and said, “You’re so annoying, you’re so arrogant when you first arrive here, and you’re so annoying when you’re yakking all day long. You don’t know how high you are! If I were as noisy as you, my master would have swept me out the door with a broom. You should be careful!” The parrot was furious and said, “The owner bought me home because he liked my singing. If you don’t welcome me, then I’ll leave!” The parrot opened its wings and flew away.

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