The essential thing in life is not to be suspicious.

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Two men crossed the desert in the company, ran out of water, and one became sick with heatstroke and could not move. The healthy and hungry man who was left said to his companion, “Well, you wait here while I go in search of water.” He shoved his pistol into his companion’s hand and said, “There are five bullets in the gun; remember, in three hours, fire a shot into the air every hour; the sound of the gun will guide me, and I will find the right direction and meet you.”

The two parted, one full of confidence to find drinking water, one full of suspicion lying in the desert waiting. He looked at his watch and fired his gun on time. He found it hard to believe that anyone else would hear the shot. His fear deepened, believing that his companion had failed in his search for water and died of thirst. Soon, he thought his companion had found water and abandoned him, never returning.

When it was time to fire the fifth shot, the man thought sadly: “This is the last bullet, my companion has already lost the sound of my shot, and after this bullet is used up, what can I rely on? I can only wait for death. Besides, while I am still alive, the eagle will peck my eyes out, and how painful it will be, so I might as well kill myself.” He pointed the gun at his temple and pulled the trigger again.

But soon, the companion with the jug full of water led a caravan of camel caravans to follow the sound. What he found was a corpse.

Life never waits for the weak. The only result of waiting is to give up or die. Whether the last shot is used as a signal to guide your companions or to shoot yourself in the head depends on whether you trust others.

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