The End of Wolves and Deer – Success Depends on How Much Effort

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On the grassland, almost simultaneously, a female wolf and a deer both gave birth to their cubs in their safe place. After some time, the mother wolf taught her cub, “When chasing prey, you must run hard. Otherwise, you will die of hunger because you can’t catch up with the prey!” The mother deer said to her child, “When an enemy chases you, you must run hard, and if you can’t, you will hide in the middle of the herd so that you will be safe.”
Time flew by, and the coyote and the fawn of that year both grew up and met each other. They remembered their mother’s teaching at the same time. And one ran hard to get the prey, and one ran hard to survive. The fawn’s running speed was not slower than the wolf’s, but it ran and searched for the deer, and its speed was slowed down, while the wolf was free of distractions and ran hard with all its heart, with only one goal, that is, to catch up with the deer in front and kill it!
In the end, the wolf succeeded, and the deer fell under its sharp teeth!
The success of the wolf once again inspires us that there is hope if we work hard! Without hard work, relying on heaven and earth can only lead to complete failure.
Everyone’s destiny can be changed; the key is to fight with all one’s strength and struggle to succeed one day. There is only one kind of failure: to give up trying.
An effort is one of the shortcuts to success, and the price must be paid for success. If you want to succeed, to do a better and better job, then you have to pay more than your colleagues and make more effort; otherwise, success does not necessarily belong to you.

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