The encounter of the sweat-blooded horse – “stomach” is more important than “face.”

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In the vast and endless Mongolian grassland, a sweat-blooded horse is slowly moving forward. It occasionally lowers its head and eats a few mouthfuls of green grass.
A month later, the horse has reached the edge of the grassland, and the grass under its feet is getting smaller and smaller. After a few days, the horse will be near the edge of the desert.
At this point, if they turned back, they could eat the fresh grass again. But the horse thought, “I am the best of the horses. Didn’t my ancestors leave behind the warning that ‘good horses don’t turn back? Of course, I have to obey it!”
So, the horse stubbornly set out into the desert.
Later, it finally fought against hunger and collapsed in the desert, never standing up again.
At the juncture of life’s choices, you may want to be wise, first solve the “stomach” problem, and then solve the “face” problem. However, many people still often choose to “face” and to “face” and make some impractical things: or “face” and self-deception; or to “face” desperate; or to “face” and even go out of their way to rebellion. In short, either way, it is not worth it. Because a “stomach” can not even solve the people, and how will earn “face” in front of others?

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