The eagle saved the farmer – those who do good will be rewarded for their good deeds.

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The farmer saw an eagle in the hunter’s net, and the eagle’s wing was injured, and he was crying sadly in the net. The farmer saw the situation moved by compassion, so he said to the hunter: “Brother, sell me this eagle, I like it very much.”

The hunter agreed to the farmer’s request. The farmer took the eagle home, cleaned its wounds, bandaged it, and fed it some food. With the farmer’s careful care, the eagle’s wounds healed quickly.
The farmer returned from the field and found that the eagle had somehow flown away from his house. The farmer regretted and said, “How heartless, I saved its life and now it flew away without even saying thank you, I will never do anything good again.”

One winter day, the farmer was sunbathing against the wall, and the wall was about to collapse, but the farmer did not notice. At that moment, an eagle flew from the sky; it used its claws to grab the hat on the farmer’s head and passed away. The farmer got up to chase and found that the one who took his hat was the eagle whose life he had saved. The farmer was furious and cursed while chasing him: “You damned fellow, I saved your life earlier, you did not repay me, and now you come to steal my hat ……”.

The farmer had not finished cursing and suddenly heard a “boom” the farmer looked back, just leaning against the wall had collapsed, and his hat had also fallen from the sky to his feet.
People who have a kind heart and do more good deeds will be rewarded.

Those with good thoughts treat people generously, and their hearts are like simple clay, which can nurture the beloved red flowers and green grass. Those who have good ideas in their hearts are the happiest and most blessed, and those who sow goodness will eventually reap good fame and honor.

If you do a good deed for someone and don’t get an immediate reward, don’t resent it because the other person may have their difficulties. Still, most people know how to repay kindness, and the ungrateful are, after all, a minority. It’s just that some people’s reward maybe when you need it most, just like the eagle in this fable, which saved the farmer when he was in the greatest danger. So, do more good deeds, and your kindness will eventually be rewarded.

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