The Eagle and the Magpie – No one likes a “long-winded woman.”

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The eagle and the magpie met by chance. The magpie was afraid, but fortunately, the eagle had already eaten and was quite full, so it did not hit the magpie. The magpie, to please the eagle, suggested.
“Let us travel in company, that is, the God who rules the universe often has troubles, we all go all the way, on the way we can chat, you will not feel lonely.” To please the eagle, the tongue-twisting magpie talked endlessly, commenting on everything from the east to the west.

At the same time, the magpie also reminded the eagle to pay attention to this and beware of that. It danced while talking, showing an appearance of loyalty to the eagle, but unfortunately, the things it said did not attract the eagle. However, the magpie felt good about itself, and it continued to chatter on and on. The eagle could not stand it any longer and angrily drank at it, saying.
“Bastard! You should stay where you are, you long-winded talker! No one likes you!”

When the magpie heard this, it understood its situation was not good and hurriedly left with its tail between its legs.

No one likes a person who talks too much. A person who has nothing to do all day and only knows how to make things up is likely to get himself into trouble and be annoying to people. When dealing with people, if you have to say something, choose the right moment, but never talk about others behind their backs, and never move the truth in front of someone to please them. By using your tongue correctly, you can reduce mischief.

Remember the words of a famous person: “Before you open your mouth, turn your tongue around ten times in your mouth.”

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