The Donkey with No Good Intentions – Be Real, Work Hard

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The farmer had a donkey and a chicken.

Every morning, when the rooster crowed, the farmer got up and sent the donkey to the mill to pull the mill. The donkey felt that the farmer was too harsh on himself and that he was being mistreated because of the rooster. The donkey thought that if the rooster did not crow, the master would not get up so early to let him pull the mill.

So, one night, the donkey stepped on the rooster and killed it.

When the farmer couldn’t hear the rooster, he didn’t know the exact time of dawn and often got up in the middle of the night to let the donkey work.

Speculation is sure to bring misery to itself.

Honesty and generosity are human virtues, and diligence is an enterprising spirit and a must-have attitude toward work. You can not make these two points, or do not want to earn these two points, and try to take some small clever, play some small means to cover the ears of others, the result is often “steal a chicken, but a rice”.

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