The Donkey and the Frog – Escaping is not the solution

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In summer, a donkey was pulling the mill.
A frog passing by saw it and greeted it, saying.
“Brother Donkey, you are working too hard! Look, you are so tired and sweaty, but your master either beats you with a whip or makes you eat little nutritious grass and can’t get you a little meat to taste. Look at me, when summer comes, stay in the pond, cool and comfortable, no one to harness me, I am so free ah! Moreover, I can also eat mosquitoes, which is a rare and delicious food!”
“Oh, stop it, froggy. I also envy your fairy-like days. I want to escape from this dark mill, to escape from the master’s driving me.”
“Then why do you still hesitate? Come with me. I guarantee that your future days will be like mine, both comfortable and free.”
“Good, I will go with you.” The donkey said, broke the reins and, with the help of the frog, took off the blindfold, followed the frog and ran in the direction of the pond. When the master noticed it, he chased after it desperately and shouted.
“You stupid donkey, you’re only going to die if you follow the frog!”
“No, only by leaving here can my troubles be completely removed; I will pursue freedom and light.” After the donkey finished, he followed the frog and jumped into the pond with a thump.
It didn’t take long for the donkey’s body to float on the water’s surface.
Next time you encounter trouble or difficulty, don’t run away from it but face it bravely. Only when you meet the difficulty head-on can you overcome it, and running away is never a relief, let alone a good solution to the problem. Just like the donkey in this parable, it thought that escaping from the mill was a victory, but it did not know that it had stepped into the abyss of death.

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