The Donkey and the Dog – Don’t Spread Rumors

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One day, the donkey was pulling the mill.

A dog came in and said to him: “Man, the cat is telling you off in front of the master, saying that you are not working hard enough and that you are doing too little work every day. But you work very hard, I see all this, you now quickly unload the work, go to the master to justify themselves.” The dog looked very anxious.

“No, let it go! It can say what it likes, I have no conscience anyway.” When the donkey finished, he lowered his head again and continued to pull the mill.

A few days later, the dog came again. As soon as he entered the door, he yelled at the donkey.

“Man, if you don’t come to your master to prove your innocence, he may send you to the slaughterhouse. Because, today, the cow also said a lot of bad things about you to the master.”

“Really? Then let it go, too.” The donkey said indifferently and went back to his work.

Later, the owner sold the cat, the cow was sent to the slaughterhouse, and the donkey was treated well by the owner. The owner raised the proportion of concentrate feed in its diet.

The owner found that the donkey had been working honestly while the cat and the cow had been making up rumors and making mistakes, so he punished them.

This is what the fable tells you. The cat and the cow were punished because they liked to tell lies. In modern society, there are more and more wordy women, and almost everywhere, there is a crowd; it is right and wrong. Where there is a belief in right and wrong, there is a place for those who move right and wrong. Therefore, it is better to say that rumors are fabricated by people than to say that people “believe” them. When faced with stories from others, all you need to do is to remain silent and calm. These rumors will not be broken or dissipated when you do not refute or defend them.

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