The dog that stole an egg – Be good at breaking the chains of thinking

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A watchdog occasionally steals an egg and feels so good after eating it that he goes to the henhouse every day to steal it and eat it. Over time, he was discovered by his master.
The angry owner picked up a wooden stick and beat it with his head. The dog kept begging for mercy, and the owner let him go for the sake of his years of guarding the house. But as a punishment, the dog was driven out of the house to find its way.
One day, the hungry dog saw a round thing by a ridge in the field and thought it was an egg, so he swallowed it without hesitation. Soon after, he felt pain in his stomach and ran to Dr. Hippo for treatment.
Dr. Hippo said, “You have a snail in your stomach, and that snail is still alive, and when it squirms, you will be in pain.”
It turned out that the dog took everything round for an egg, and what it swallowed in one gulp turned out to be a field snail.
The power of habit made the dog lose the ability to think, analyze and compare, which led to the subsequent misuse of the field snail.
When doing things, you should think, have your own opinions, and think about things before making decisions. If you deal with things caught in the shackles of habit and dogma, you will be bound by rigid ideas; therefore, one day, such an attitude in dealing with things will bring you losses.

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