The Disgusted Weasel – Don’t Care About Others’ Shortcomings

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The animal kingdom was having a party. Miss Rabbit and Mr Wolf were dancing together, wild boar, elephant and squirrel were gathered together, drinking champagne and chatting at the same time, and the scene was lively.

Suddenly, the goat found Weasel sitting alone in a dark corner with his head hanging low and a sad look.

“What’s wrong with you? Why don’t you dance and chat with everyone?” The goat walked over and asked with concern.
“I went and when the music first started, I went up to invite Miss Rabbit to dance, but she politely refused; when I picked up the champagne and was ready to join the chatting party, the hedgehog always stabbed me with its sharp thorns intentionally or unintentionally, so I had to leave them and sit here alone.” When the Weasel finished, he shed tears of sadness.

“Son, don’t cry, I’ll go and ask them why they treat you like this?” The goat stroked his beard and walked over to Miss Rabbit, who had just come out of the dance floor.

“Brother goat, let’s go to a dance, okay?” Miss Rabbit saw the goat and warmly invited it.

“Thank you, my leg injury is not yet healed, now can not dance it.” The goat apologized to Miss Rabbit and asked, “If you like dancing, why did you refuse Mr. Weasel’s invitation just now?”

“I don’t like it.”

“Just because he was shorter than Mr. Wolf?”

“Not all because of that, but mainly because I was afraid that it would suddenly fart, and if that were true, it would have made me faint.”

“It’s true that a weasel’s fart stinks, but it won’t just let it out.”

“That’s not certain, no one can guarantee it. Last time when the Jade Emperor was celebrating his birthday, didn’t he let out a loud fart in public? I heard that the Jade Emperor almost killed it because of this.”

“Yes, there is such a thing. But this time, this time, you can’t always catch its shortcomings.”

“I’m not willing to dance with it even if it kills me.” Miss Rabbit finished her speech, twisted her waist, and went to find other animals to dance with.

“Why don’t you let the Weasel share the champagne with you? I heard that you even stabbed it with your thorns?” The goat walked up to the animals drinking champagne, and said to the hedgehog.

“He thought he had an unusual relationship with me, and he stood next to me to drink champagne. So, I stabbed it with my thorns.” The hedgehog was full of displeasure.

“That smell on it, it smells awful.” The elephant waved the champagne from his trunk and said.

“But you deliberately left it alone, it hurts its self-esteem.” The goat said.

“If it had pride, it wouldn’t have farted so badly!” The tiger shook the champagne bottle and said.

“Is that the real reason why you have left the weasel alone?”

“Yes. Besides, who told him to grow taller than me.” The hedgehog gave another vigorous shake of the spines on his body.

“There is no perfect person or thing in this world, everyone has flaws. You probably forgot, the year before last, some hunters sneaked up on us, fortunately the Weasel found it in time, but it was too late to inform us one by one, so it had to let out a stinky fart, which woke up the sleeping us all, and we were able to escape.” After listening to the goat, the animals all lowered their heads.

We are always used to carrying two pockets, putting the advantages of others in the back pocket while the front pocket is filled with the disadvantages of others. Everyone has shortcomings, and if you do not bother to be calculating, but treat them with a forgiving heart, then everyone is a very good person.

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