The Deceived Deer – Don’t Fall in the Same Place Twice

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There was a lion who was sick and lying in his cave, unable to find food, so he said to the fox who came to visit him, “My dear friend, I would like you to go to the forest over there and trick that deer into my cave; I would very much like to eat the heart and brain of the deer.”

The fox then went to the forest and said to the deer-eating grass: “Congratulations, my dear friend, you know, our lion king is about to die of illness, and the king is going to let you take over his throne and lead all the animals. I hope you must remember that I am the first to report the good news to you. Now I must go back to the Great King. If you heed my advice, you had better go to the end for it too.”

The deer was so flattered by the fox’s words that it could not tell the difference between the north and the south and happily followed the fox to the lion’s cave. As soon as it entered the cave, the lion pounced on it. But because of illness, the lion did not have much strength; it just tore the deer’s ear a little skin; the deer escaped from the cave, hiding in its hiding place. The fox felt very humiliated, and the lion was greatly disappointed because it was so hungry that it had to beg the fox to try again to see if it could trick the deer again and vowed never to let the deer escape this time.

The fox did not dare to refuse the lion’s request, so he had to go to the forest again. As soon as the deer saw the fox, he rushed over and scolded: “You bad thing, you plan to lead me to the end of the road, what do you have in mind ah, get out of here, or I will use the horns to kill you.”

But the fox did not look ashamed at all. It said to the deer: “You coward, you misunderstood the king’s meaning, he did not mean any harm, just want to bite your ears and whisper a few words of the will, but you are like a scared rat, but ran away. Your behavior has disgusted the lion king, and I don’t know if it will pass the throne to the zebra, unless you rush back immediately and show the lion king that you have courage and ability. I promise it will not harm you, and I will be your most faithful servant.”

The fox once again foolishly persuaded the deer, and it followed him into the lion’s den. This time the lion pounced on the deer with all his strength, finally biting it to death on the ground, and then ate it up without delay. The fox took advantage of the lion’s delight in eating, stole the deer’s brain, and used it to treat themselves. The lion started to look for the brain of the deer but could not find it. The fox on the side said, “King, I think you should not look for it, you will not find it, like such a fool who will enter the lion’s cave twice, I do not think there will be any brain.”

“Eat a lesson, grow wise” if you think there will be no more danger in the place where you fell, you will immediately taste the evil consequences of paralysis and carelessness.

In life, many people are often like this deer, repeatedly losing out on the same things without knowing how to avoid such things. Sometimes, even if the other party’s deception is very low, but still repeatedly fall for it. The reason for this is not that the other party is too cunning but that they are not wise in dealing with things. Therefore, when we are hurt in a particular matter, we should be careful to avoid the same hurtful things happening to us again.

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