The death of a wild dog – excessive greed, destined to eat its consequences

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A dead elephant was lying quietly by a secluded Ganges River when a wild dog came out to look for food and saw it. The dog thought happily: “Oh, I am lucky today, I can have a full meal.”
It quickly came to the elephant and bit hard towards the trunk, but the box was as hard as a log, and the dog cursed in anger: “What the hell is this thing, it can’t bite.”
So, it turned back to bite the elephant’s ear, did not expect to bite or not, turned to the elephant’s abdomen, still could not bite, it east bite a bite, west bite a bite, almost all over the elephant’s body, still not an edge can be a part of the next bite.
It complained: “What to do, I’m dying of hunger, how can not a place to bite it? This monster is so annoying!”
Finally, it found the elephant’s buttocks, once again biting hard, this time bitten and chewed like the meat of a lamb just caught alive, both soft and tasty.
This time the wild dog happily said to himself: “This is like, it seems that the elephant body the most soft and delicious place, only here.”
This greedy wild dog, starting from the elephant’s buttocks, kept drilling into the food.
It ate from the ass to the belly, and when it finished eating the elephant’s innards and drank a few mouthfuls of elephant blood, it lay comfortably in the stomach and slept. When it woke up, it thought: according to reason, it was time to go out. But how can I give up such a big elephant? Why not just stay inside? Then the whole elephant will be mine.
In this way, the wild dog lived comfortably in the belly of the elephant.
But it did not expect that, under the hot sun, the elephant’s body began to shrink, especially the anus into the air, has shrunk smaller and smaller.
Finally, one day, the elephant’s belly was dark when the wild dog woke up. In fact, before the elephant belly, the flesh had long hardened, and the elephant blood had also dried up, but it has been comfortable in the elephant belly of the wild dog, do not mind until the hands can not see; it was alerted to the big deal.
The wild dog found that the exit was missing; it felt a lot of panics and kept hurrying east and west in the elephant’s belly, and hit and kicked, but no matter how it hit, is not hit a small door to escape. Finally, it collapsed helplessly.
Some years later, someone found an elephant skeleton, and in the place of its abdomen, found the skeleton of another animal. People were puzzled by the fact that an elephant’s bones surrounded this animal’s skeleton. Did the elephant become a carnivore? How was it able to swallow an animal intact again? ……
A wise man passing by tells the above story when people speculate on this.
In real life, many people, like the wild dog in the story, cannot control their greed and end up falling into the trap. Many people have lost because of the habit of insatiable desire. They go to desperate measures to satisfy their greed and do things they regret. This, indeed, is a very sad thing. In life in the world, there will always face a variety of temptations; this time, we must be clear-headed to learn to have the choice to give up. If too greedy, dreaming of fish and bear’s paw can be both; then, the result must be overwhelming, not only can not achieve the purpose but will lose all the existing.

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