The Cynical Stone – Be open-minded.

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At the bottom of a hill with flowers in full bloom and green grass, there was a small river flowing joyfully and singing into the distance; on the hill; there was a bumpy stone lamenting among the flowers and grass.
“Alas! This world is so unfair. Look at that little river, what gives it the right to go wherever it wants? It has seen the world’s scenery, it has wandered all over the world’s beauty, it, huh! Look at it, it’s so proud, it keeps singing a happy song, what gives it the right? On what basis? In terms of character, it is soft and weak, how can it compare with my strength? In terms of quality, it’s so flexible, how can it compare with my integrity? It is cheerful and shallow, how can it be as profound as my silence?”
“But, but, what have I gained? I am fixed on the slope of this mountain all day long, not enjoying the pleasure of traveling around the world, and no one hears the sad song of my heart …… Alas! Alas! It’s so unfair! It’s so unfair!”
The stone was burning with jealousy in its heart, and it never felt joy in life. The flowers and plants around it advised it.
“Forget it, Brother Stone. In this world, everyone has their own characteristics, everyone has their own pleasures, so why do you have to suffer because of other people’s happiness? In our opinion, you are also quite good. You see, every day, you are surrounded by flowers and green grass, the warm sun shines on you from morning to night, and sometimes there are shepherds come here to chat with you. You do not have to worry about your livelihood, do not have to meet anything, is not this your free life?”
But the stone did not listen to the advice. It was determined to risk its life to stop the joy of the river.
Finally, one day, the opportunity came; a shepherd came here and sat next to the stone to rest.
“Old shepherd, please, please! Please pick me up quickly and put me into that little river. I’ll stop it from living as it pleases, I can’t let it be so happy! Ha! At the very least, it has to take me with it and go on a life of traveling around the world together.” The stone pleaded.
“But ……” the shepherd wanted to say something, but the jealous stone did not allow him to say, repeatedly pleaded.
The shepherd had no choice but to put it in the creek.
The river wanted to take it with him to travel around the world, but it was too heavy; the stone only walked with the river a few steps, fell headlong into a deep pit, and could not get out.
The jealous stone ranted and cursed in the pit. Now, it could neither stop the river’s joy and running nor get out of the deep pit, and every moment it had to watch the happy river flowing past it, its pain was deeper.
Russell once said, “Of the ordinary characteristics of human nature, jealousy is the most lamentable and pathetic. The jealous person not only wishes misfortune on others, but he suffers misfortune because of his jealousy. Instead of drawing pleasure from everything he has, he draws pain from what others have.” Ask yourself, are you often like this stone? Instead of enjoying your happiness to the fullest, I feel bothered when you are jealous of those who are happy around you. If you want to be happy, you must eliminate your jealousy. When you face the people around you with tolerance and generosity, you will find yourself as happy as they are.

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