The Crow and Magpie Argument – Developing a Good Self-Image

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In the land of birds, the crow and the magpie argued about who was the most popular. At that moment, a group of people were building a house.

The crow proposed, “Let’s have a contest to see who is popular with the people building the house.” The magpie readily agreed.

So the crow first flew to a big tree and shouted to the people building the house, “Skyscrapers! Tall building!” When the house builder saw the crow on the branch, meaning bad luck, he was furious and picked up a stone and smashed it at the crow, which fled.

The magpie said, “Look at me.” It flew to the branch and shouted, “It’s about to collapse! It’s going to collapse!”

The people were pleased to see the magpie shouting on the branch, which means good luck, so they hurriedly threw some food into it, and the magpie flew away happily with a piece of food in its mouth.

The crow bowed its head in shame.

In this fable, the magpie has a good image, so even if its “words” are unlucky, people are more likely to accept them. On the other hand, the crow has a poor image, so its “words”, even if they are authentic and promising, will be resented. This shows that a good image is essential, but also the premise that people accept you and welcome you.

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