The Confused Goat – Think twice before you act.

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A cunning old fox lost its footing and fell into a well. It desperately grabbed the wall of the well with its paws and tried to climb up to the surface, but because its feet grabbed the soil around the sound barrier, with a large piece of dirt falling off, the old fox also fell into the water.
When the old fox was struggling desperately in the water, a thirsty goat came to the well to find water to drink. When it saw the fox in the water, it asked, “Mr. Fox, is the water here good to drink?”

Looking at the goat, the old fox was so impressed that he hid his secret joy and said warmly, “Goat, come down, the well water is very sweet, especially to quench your thirst, so come and drink!” The old fox finished, lowered his head, took a sip of water, and then raised his head to the goat, smacking his mouth loudly to show that the water tasted great.

The goat saw the situation and believed it; without thinking, he jumped into the water, buried his head and drank it. When it drank enough, sit only found that wanting to climb the sound wall was impossible. The old fox, who had already made up his mind, hastened to propose a plan for everyone to work together and help each other to save themselves: that is, the fox stepped on the goat’s horns and jumped onto the well first, then went to move the ladder so that the goat could climb up. The goat stroked his beard, thought about it, and agreed to the fox’s suggestion, thinking there was no better way than this.

When the old fox stomped on the goat’s horns and made every effort to jump out of the well, it looked at the goat and sneered: “You’re a complete idiot, if you’re as scheming as your beard, you wouldn’t have jumped down the well easily, let alone become my stepping stone after jumping down the well and letting me climb up first. Haha, you stupid, you deserve to be starved and drowned in the well!” The old fox, mouth hummed a little song, left the well.

“Helpfulness” is a human virtue, but some despicable people often take advantage of this psychology to achieve their own goals, regardless of the situation of those who have been kind to them. Therefore, before helping others, consider the other party’s character; if the other party does not have good intentions, do not quickly go out to help.

“Be careful in the world, be cautious” is a golden rule left to us by our ancestors; whoever violates it will be in a passive situation.

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