The Choice of Two Stones – Knowing how to give up is also a kind of wisdom

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There are two rocks by the river, surrounded by sunshine and grass all day long, and occasionally there are shepherd boys to chat with them, so they live a very comfortable life.
One day, stone A said to stone B, “I don’t want to live this dull life anymore, I want to experience the hardships of the road, the ups and downs and the bumps and bruises of the world, no matter how it ends, it is not a trip to the world in vain.”
“Why do you suffer?” B stone immediately objected, “we are in the creek, listening to the river all day long playing songs, looking up can see the blue sky and white clouds, looking down can see flowers and green grass, who would be so stupid between the enjoyment and trials and tribulations, to choose the road hardships and bumps, bumpy days? Besides, the hardships and tribulations of the journey may break your bones!”
But stone A’s determination was set, and it rolled into the river with the help of the shepherd boy, bumping along with the river all the way downstream, experiencing countless storms and nature’s trials and tribulations along the way. Still, it remained righteous and persistent on its journey.
Stone B was enjoying comfort and happiness by the river, and when he thought of Stone A, who was on a journey, Stone B would sneer with contempt.
Some years later, stone A has become a precious stone in the world, praised and praised by millions of people, enjoying the infinite beauty and glory of the world.
One day, the collector, to better cherish that stone art of the wonders, ready to build a beautiful chic for the A stone treasure pavilion, the building materials are selected from stone. So, workers came to the river, and the B stone split into countless small pieces, used as the cover treasure pavilion offcuts.

Give us a kind of open-mindedness, a kind of mind, and a wise man facing life’s wise choice. No, give; there will be no gain; give and take is interchangeable. Learn to give and take know how to give and take people, the last can enjoy success and noble, but the beginning of the choice of pleasure people, most of the life of the bum.
Next time, when pleasure and tribulation stand in front of you, you should learn to choose tribulation because choosing tribulation seems very stupid, but it is a kind of wisdom.

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