The Centipede and the Snake – Knowing yourself is better than knowing your enemy

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The centipede challenged the snake to run a race with the snake, who lost and will be a slave to the other party for life. The snake gladly accepted the centipede’s challenge.

When the earthworm learned of this, he persuaded the centipede, saying.

“The snake walks extremely fast, you are certainly no match for it, it’s not too late to give up the race!”

“No, I know the snake too well, it can walk so fast without legs, let alone I have so many legs, do not worry, I will be the final winner!” The centipede said smugly.

When the race started, the snake twisted its body and rushed towards the target like an arrow from the string, and the centipede hurriedly mobilized its legs to catch up. However, its legs are too many, just one action; they are tangled together, entangled in each other, unable to move forward. The centipede had to stop and try to make each step coordinated. Just as it took a small step, the snake had long since reached its destination.

It is easy to understand others but difficult to recognize yourself. People who know each other but do not know themselves are often self-righteous because they know themselves to some degree but are overconfident and arrogant. So often, after learning the other side, they think the time and conditions are ripe and take action but ultimately lead to failure.

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