The butterfly of self-effacement – “Self-knowledge” is a kind of wisdom

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In the forest, the little animals were having a party.

The host of the meeting, the squirrel, said.

“Let’s introduce ourselves first, so that the atmosphere will soon be lively.” So, everyone started to introduce themselves.

“I’m a cricket, and I jump extremely high and have a beautiful chirp.” Cricket was introduced first.

“Oh, people don’t know that yet, do they? Whoever gets hooked on it, it can make you play with things!” Bee added. The cricket glared at the little bee when it heard what he said.

“I am a bee, and I have many advantages, especially the honey I make, which is so sweet.”

“But you can also sting anyone who messes with you.” The little swallow added. The bee was very upset after hearing what the little swallow had added.

“I am a little swallow, and I am the messenger of spring, and I can forecast the message of spring to people.”

“But, you are timid and afraid of the cold.” Duckling added. When the little swallow saw that the duckling had revealed his shortcomings, he thought in his mind to find a reason to fix the duckling in the future.

“I’m a duckling, I can swim, I can lay eggs, and I can walk on land, I’m an all-rounder, there’s no downside.”

“Hahahaha!” The little animals all laughed, thinking that the little duck was self-important and was the guy with the most flaws.

“My name is butterfly, and I can say that I am useless, I can’t sing, I can’t make honey, I can’t forecast information, I can’t swim, and I can’t lay eggs.” The butterfly finished, blushing with shame.

“No, you are smart!” The little frog said.

“You can dance.” The little ant said.

“You are very beautiful.” The beetle said.

“You also have the virtue of modesty.” The little mouse said.

We can ask ourselves if we have similar thoughts to those of crickets, bees, etc. We often feel good about ourselves, thinking that we are highly educated and skilled at our jobs, and therefore never put our colleagues in their place. It is terrifying if you really have such thoughts because a presumptuous person will eventually hit the nail.

Knowing yourself and understanding yourself clearly is a kind of wisdom. A person who only recognizes his strengths and does not see his weaknesses is a fool!

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