The Butcher and the Wolf – Never Expose Your Weakness in Front of the Enemy

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One day at noon, a butcher went to the market with a load of meat. Halfway there, he met a wolf disguised as a merchant. When the wolf saw the butcher’s bag of meat, he planned in his heart how to take root for himself.

After walking for a while, the butcher felt tired, and it happened that there was a straw hut by the roadside for pedestrians to take a rest, so when the butcher saw it, he put down his load and invited the wolf to go into the hut to take a rest. The wolf agreed.

When the two of them were chatting enthusiastically, the wolf’s teeth suddenly clucked, and the sound was the same as that of a wild boar when grinding its teeth.

“Hey, what a fearful sound you make when you grind your teeth! Like a wild boar it screams fear when you hear it.” The butcher listened, shivered, and said, “Can you stop your teeth grinding?”

“I’m sorry, sir. I would like to stop, but this habit has been there since I was born in my mother’s womb, and I can no longer change it. What is even more terrible is that after grinding my teeth for a while, I will really jump up and bite people like a wild boar.” When the wolf saw that the butcher was afraid of the sound of grinding his teeth, he had an idea in his mind and said deliberately.

“Really? Sir.” The butcher asked in horror.

“Of course. You see, after I grind my teeth, my eyes will start to glow red, and when they start to weep, I will do it.” The wolf said graphically.

The butcher looked at the wolf’s eyes and saw that one of its eyes had turned red and had tears. Then the butcher no longer doubted, and to escape, he did not care about a load of meat and fled alone.

The wolf’s eye had a small worm flying into it. After the butcher ran away, the wolf ate up the meat.

Only when you are not surprised by something will you not reveal your weakness. If you show “fear” and “timidity” when something unexpected happens, you will allow others to take advantage of it, just like the butcher in the story.

It is normal to have the psychology of “fear,” but if you are born with a sense of fear of a certain kind of thing, and you can’t change it even though you try hard later, it is a kind of abnormal pathological performance.
Therefore, you must overcome the idea of “fear” and think calmly so that others’ weaknesses will not catch you, and thus avoid falling into the trap of others.

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