The Businessman and the Wise Man – Believing Every Day is a Good Day

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One day a businessman came to the old man who was the wisest in town and said, “Sir, I hope you can show me the way. Although I am very rich, the people in this city are all cross to me. Life is like a rivalry battle; when will I have a good life?”
“Then you should stop killing each other, and a good life will come!” The wise man answered him.
The merchant was overwhelmed by this warning, and he left the wise man with disappointment.
Over the next few months, the merchant’s mood became so bad that he quarreled and cursed with everyone around him, thus making a lot of enemies. A year later, he became so distraught that he could no longer afford to fight with anyone.
“Alas, Sir, I do not want to fight with others. But life is still so heavy – it is a heavy burden, when will I be able to live a good life?”
“Then take the burden off, so that good days will come!” The wise man replied.
The merchant was furious at such a reply and went away in anger.
Over the next year, his business suffered a setback, eventually losing all his wealth. His wife left him with his children, and he became impoverished and isolated.
So, once again, he asked the wise man for advice.
“Sir, I am now empty-handed and destitute, and there is only sorrow left in my life.”
“Then don’t be sad, good times are coming!”
The merchant seemed to have expected such a reply. This time, he was neither disappointed nor angry but chose to stay in the corner of the city where the wise man lived.
The merchant suddenly overcame grief one day and wept sadly – for days, weeks, and even months.
Finally, the merchant’s tears dried up. He looked up, and the warm morning sun was shining on the earth.
So the merchant came back to the wise man.
“Sir, what is life all about? How can I get a good life?”
The wise man looked at the sky, smiled, and replied, “Wake up to a new day. Don’t you see the great sun that rises every day as usual? This is a good day!”

It is so easy to live a good life! As the saying goes, “A good day is not only material, but also spiritual. The good life is the skin, can artificially fill the soul. Where does this soul come from? Read to get, wisdom to get; quiet to get, love to get, relaxation to get; not irritable to get, not vain to get, not greedy to get; know how to cherish time to get, know how to value others to get, know how to maintain the health of the time to get.”

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