The bunny who treats people with sincerity – exchanging his true feelings for the true hearts of others

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The little rabbit was sick, and its mother sent it to the hospital. As the hospital beds were tight, Dr Zebra arranged for the rabbit’s bed to be in the intensive care unit as a last resort.

The intensive care unit is full of patients who are terminally ill and will soon leave this world. Due to the fear of death, these patients are in a bad mood. They do not speak to each other and sometimes even stare at each other with hatred.

After Little White Rabbit came in, these patients seemed to have a tacit agreement, and they secretly joined hands to bully Little White Rabbit.

The first one to take offence was Sister Ma, who complained that Hare should not have opened the curtains, saying that if the cold wind blew in through the cracks of the windows, she would be aggravated by the cold.

“It won’t.” The white rabbit smiled and said, “When the curtains are opened, the sun will shine in and the whole house will be warmed.”

Sister Ma stopped talking.

That night, the White Rabbit slept sweetly amidst the moans, grinding of teeth, snoring, and murmuring of the other animals.

When he got up in the morning, the white rabbit found the spittoon under his bed complete, and there was even vomit in it, but the white rabbit said nothing; he silently picked up the spittoon and went to the bathroom.

After washing the spittoon and returning to the ward, the white rabbit picked up the kettle again as if nothing had happened and went to the boiling water room to get boiling water for the group.

“Hey, you do not sleep yourself, get up early in the morning tossing what? It woke me up, how annoying!” The monkey mother coldly glared at the little white rabbit.

“Sorry, I’ll try to walk lightly in the future.” The White Rabbit went to the Monkey Mother’s bed and covered her with the blanket.

A month later, when the white rabbit was discharged from the hospital, all the patients in the intensive care ward helped each other and walked out of the ward’s door for the first time in the history of the world.

Sincerity is not hypocrisy; it is enthusiasm about helping others without regard for return. Sincerely treating others and tolerating them is an attitude of being human, an art, and a wisdom. When you treat others sincerely with a tolerant mind, your true feelings will be exchanged for the sincerity of others. On the other hand, those who are hypocritical will be disregarded by people. Be a sincere person, and people will treat you sincerely.

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