The Boring Farmer – Focusing on His Work

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A farmer got up early and told his wife that he would plough the field. When he reached the tenth field, he found that the tiller was out of oil, so he prepared to go to town to buy oil. However, he suddenly thought that the three pigs at home had not been fed, so he turned around and went home; when he passed by the barn, he saw a pile of potatoes next to it and remembered that the potatoes might be sprouting, so he went to the field where the potatoes were planted; on the way, he passed by the wood pile and remembered that he needed some firewood at home; just when he was about to get firewood, he saw a sick chicken lying on the ground The farmer did not refuel the tiller, did not feed the pigs, did not plough the field, and finally did not do anything.
In real life, many people are the same as the farmer in the story. The reason for this is the lack of execution. Their plans are often quite perfect and well prepared, but in the performance process, they do not take strong measures to ensure the implementation of their projects. Therefore, they are busy and busy, but nothing can be done.

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