The Bear and the Bee – It is better to hate others than to forgive them

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In the forest, a bear burst into a bee’s house. He stole a large bucket of honey while the bees were out gathering pollen and then slipped back to his home.

When the bees returned home, they were furious that the bears had stolen their hard-earned honey.

When a passing god saw this, he said, “Forgive the bear for once, or you will be hurt yourself while you take revenge on him.”

“No, if this revenge is not avenged, it will be difficult to dispel the grievance in our hearts.” After the leading bee had said this to God, he led the rest of his companions and set off in great haste.

The bear, sound asleep at home, was awakened by the buzzing sound and realized that thousands of bees surrounded him. The bears got up and ran for their lives, but the bees were still in pursuit, and they stung the bears with their poisonous needles.

The bear was stung with small and large bags and was painful and itchy for several days. The bees that left the needles in the bear’s body died soon after returning.

If a person is vindictive, he will suffer more harm than the other person. Therefore, it is better to hate others than to tolerate them.

In our life, everyone will often encounter their interests and others intentionally or unintentionally violating things. Still, we must learn to control our brains, control the impulse to revenge, and convince ourselves that the heart’s hatred has dissolved quietly because hate harms others simultaneously and will also hurt ourselves. At the same time, ance and forbearance can sometimes give their lifetime peace of mind. “Love produces love, hate produces hate”; this old saying is not wrong.

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