The ball in the animal kingdom – educated people, will have people

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A dance was held in the animal kingdom. When the music started, the boar hurriedly threw away the half-chewed corn cob in his hand, then went to the fawn and invited it to dance. The fawn saw that the boar’s mouth was chewing corn crumbs, and his body was dirty, so he politely refused on the grounds of headache.
The boar continued to invite the monkey and the elephant but were refused, and it had no choice but to return to the seat, alone and bored to drink.
After a while, the boar found the lion walking toward the fawn when the lion bent down with a gentlemanly hand to invite the fawn to dance. The fawn gladly and stepped into the dance floor.
Monkeys, elephants and other initiatives invite the lion to dance during the second dance. After seeing all this, the boar was puzzled and asked the zebra, who had just come down from the dance floor to rest, “Brother, help me think about why I invited the deer, monkeys and others to dance. They either said they had a headache or wanted to rest for a while, but now they are taking the initiative to invite the lion to dance.
“No, old man, the problem is not here. It would be best if you were looking for more reasons for yourself. Look at your image. Your whole body is covered with corn crumbs, dirty as if you just came back from the field. Look at the lion. To be more civilized, the whole body is clean, polite and courteous. This is the fundamental reason it won the people’s goodwill.”
The board could not find a partner for the dance because of its coarse manners. It is said that a man’s upbringing is like a woman’s beauty, which can immediately make people feel good, and indeed it does. Elegant manners often attract others more than the beauty of their looks.
In life, civilized manners are enough to replace the role of money, and having it is like having a pass to get through unhindered. Educated people will be welcomed by people everywhere and have good people.

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