The arrogant tortoise – don’t ask for too much praise.

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The tortoise has a very high status in Japan. Japanese people regard it as a totem, a good luck charm and a symbol of longevity. Therefore, the turtles living in Japan have developed a proud and arrogant mentality because the Japanese people have spoiled them to the point of losing their reason.

One day, a tortoise living in Japan came to China across the ocean. It strutted down a busy street, expecting the people on the road would give it a warm welcome or offer it a beautiful garland of flowers. But I didn’t expect the people on the street to avoid it when they saw it. Only a three-year-old child, who had never seen a turtle before, was surprised and went up to touch it.
The tortoise was angry and anxious, thinking: “Is my status too high, people here are more in awe of me? Do not dare to approach me, is afraid to offend me?” With this thought, the tortoise became complacent again.

As the turtle crawled forward, it saw a model animal store and crept in with great enthusiasm. He wanted to make sure that his model was the highest priced. Because in Japan, even a three-year-old child knows that the turtle’s model has the highest price tag.

When the turtle discovered that all the other animal models had a price tag on them but not his, he thought happily, “Oh my God, I’m even higher in China than in Japan, I’m priceless! So it’s impossible to put a price on me.”

“May I ask what you would like to buy?” The shopkeeper asked.

“I’d like to buy a model sea shrimp.” The turtle said.

“Okay.” The shopkeeper neatly put the sea shrimp into a plastic bag and then put a model turtle in it by hand.

“No, I’ll only buy one sea shrimp.” The turtle said in a hurry.

“I know, but in my store, buy sea shrimp or other models, we always give him a turtle model. The turtle model as an add-on, for free.” The shopkeeper said.

Humans also often have the same mentality as turtles: they like to base their happiness, well-being and value, etc., on the recognition of others and want to be praised everywhere they go. Nothing is wrong with this, but if this approval is an essential need, like a turtle seeking its own virtual “halo”, you will enter the misconception of narcissistic personality disorder in life.

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