The angry hunter – Don’t make decisions when you are angry

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Once, a hunter and a group of friends went hunting. They set out early in the morning, but by noon there was still no harvest, so they had to return to the tent with a sense of satisfaction.
But the hunter was still upset and thought that returning empty-handed was not the behavior of a good hunter, so he took his leather bag and bow and arrows, as well as his beloved flying eagle, and walked back to the mountain by himself.
Under the scorching sun, he walked along the sheep trail to the mountain and kept walking for several hours, his thirst was getting stronger and stronger, but he could not find any water source.
Later, he came to a valley and saw drops of water flowing down from above. Hunter was very happy; from the leather bag to taking out a metal cup, the patient with the cup dropped by drop to receive the water flowing down.
When the water received seven or eight minutes full, he was happy to bring the cup to his mouth. At that moment, a sharp wind violently knocked the cup from his hand.
The hunter had water in his mouth, but at this time, he knocked over. So, his heart rose in anger, but he looked up and saw his beloved eagle hovering overhead. The hunter was very angry, but there was nothing he could do about the hawk. He had to pick up the cup again and continue to receive water.
Another sharp wind tipped the cup over when the water dripped to seven or eight minutes full. It turned out that his hawk had done it again. The hunter was so angry that he took revenge: “Well, you eagle does not know what is good and bad and is looking for trouble for me. I want to fix you guys.”
So the hunter did not say a word and picked up the water cup from the ground to receive water. When the water dripped to seven or eight minutes full, he quietly took out the sharp knife, clamped in the palm; then, the cup slowly moved closer to the mouth. The eagle flew towards him again, and the hunter quickly took out the sharp knife and killed the eagle. But because his attention was focused on killing the eagle, he forgot about the cup in his hand, so the cup fell into the valley.
The hunter thought that since water dripped down from the mountain, there may be a water storage place, a lake, or a spring, so he endured his thirst and climbed up the hill with all his strength. After a few hard work, he finally climbed to the top of the mountain, and there was indeed a pond of water.
Hunter was excited and immediately bent down, wanting to drink a full, but suddenly saw a large viper’s body by the pond.
At this point, the hunter realized: “So the flying eagle saved my life; I did not drink the pond water contaminated by snake venom and was poisoned to death. This time I did it wrong.” He returned to the tent with a sense of remorse and thirst and said, “From now on, I will never make decisions in anger.” This behavior change prevented the hunter from making many bad decisions and greatly helped his career.
Anger is as explosive as a bomb. Any decision in such a situation may lose its rationality and thus damage oneself.

Moreover, a person who is constantly angry can damage his health. If you are angry, your qi will go up, then you will hurt your organs, and if your organs are hurt, then the disease will start.” Modern medical research also proves that the brain secretes stress hormones, even in mild irritation. This is when the external respiratory tract expands rapidly, causing the brain, heart, and muscular system to inhale more oxygen, blood vessels to grow, the heartbeat to speed up, and blood sugar levels to rise. At the same time, rage can also break down the body’s biochemical mechanisms, making a person less resistant and vulnerable to disease. Therefore, controlling our emotions, not getting angry, and staying angry will benefit us for the rest of our lives.

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