Taking the letter to Garcia

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During the Spanish-American War, the United States had to get in touch immediately with General Garcia, the leader of the Spanish resistance, who was in the mountains of the Cuban jungle. No one knew the exact location, so it was impossible to write or call him. The U.S. president had to get his cooperation as quickly as possible. At that moment, someone said, “There is a man named Rowan who has a way to find Garcia.”
After Rowan took the letter to Garcia from the president, he did not ask, “Where is he? How do I get there?” He went through a lot of trouble to get the letter to Garcia a few weeks later.
It is such a simple story, but it has spread all over the world. The author of “Bringing the Letter to Garcia” wrote this.
“A man like him should be immortalized in a statue that we should place in every university. What young people need is not to learn from books or to listen to all kinds of guidance from others, but to strengthen a spirit of dedication, to act immediately on the entrustment of their superiors, and to complete the task with all their hearts – ‘Bringing the letter to Garcia.’
“All business operators who need a lot of human resources are sometimes surprised by the passive inability or unwillingness of the general public to concentrate on a task. No one can get things done unless a miracle occurs and God sends him an assistant.
“I admire those who work hard whether their boss is in the office or not; I also admire those who can deliver a letter to Garcia, taking it quietly, without asking any foolish questions, and without intending to throw it into the gutter, but delivering it regardless. Such a man will never be ‘fired’ and never have to strike to ask for a raise; such a man will obtain whatever he asks for. He will be welcome in every city, town and village, office, company, store and factory. The world is in desperate need of this kind of person who can bring the letter to Garcia.”
Heartfelt Words of Perception:
Work attitude, like personal image, can reflect a person’s thinking, change others’ opinion of you, and determine one’s success or failure. Gorky once said, “If work is happy, then life is paradise; if work is compulsory, then life is hell.” Only those who cherish their work can put in their passion and energy and get happiness from it, while those who see work as a burden and spend all day muddling through it will be eliminated from the game sooner or later.

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