Swans and domestic geese – it is necessary to have a skill.

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The farmer kept a flock of domestic geese and a swan. In addition to laying eggs for the owner, the community also provided him with meat. On the other hand, the swan could only swim and sing, but the owner still loved it and favoured it.
The geese were very sad to see their master treating them differently. They decided to leave home collectively to get rid of their miserable fate. However, they met a hungry wolf on the way. The wolf chased the geese desperately to save their lives, and the geese had to return to their master’s house.
One night, the owner’s house was visited by an honoured guest, and the owner was busy carrying his knife to the shed where the geese were kept. In the darkness, he grabbed the swan, and the sad swan saw himself about to become “the ghost of the knife” and could not help but sing sadly. Once the master heard its song, he knew he had caught the wrong one, so he let go of the swan and re-captured a domestic goose.
In this way, the swan inadvertently saved its own life with its song.
When talent and mediocrity are together, you can’t tell the difference between high and low with the naked eye, but talent will show its qualities at the critical moment. Just like the swan in the story, he saves himself with his song at the crucial moment.
This shows that it is imperative to have a skill. Especially in the workplace, in the face of fierce competition in society, you have a speciality, are more than a capital of the world, and your thing is often in the critical moment, can play a decisive role.

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