Story of the Little Monk-Truth is PricelessTruth is priceless

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Some falsehoods can be confused with the truth, and they may deceive one as a mistake in judgment. But the road is far, and the day is long! Friend, please believe me: time is the justest judge.
In front of success is impossible, and can not come to half false, seriously treat the work of a drop a little, must not be negligent.
A young monk worked as a bell ringer in a famous temple. According to his understanding, he rang the bell once in the morning and once in the evening; simple and repetitive, anyone can do it; the bell is only the rest time of the temple, and there is no great significance. Six months later, boredom has been extremely, “do a day monk, ring a day bell”.
One day, the abbot announced that he had been transferred to the backyard to chop wood and carry water because he was not competent to ring the bell.
The young monk was very unconvinced; I hit the bell not on time, not loud.
The old monk told him that.
“Your bell is very loud, but the sound of the bell is empty and weak, with little power. This is because you do not have in your mind the profound meaning of the seemingly simple task of ‘bell ringing’. The sound of the bell is not only a guideline for the work and rest of the temple, but more importantly, to awaken the sentient beings. For this reason, the sound of the bell should not only be bright, but also mellow, thick, deep and distant. If there is no bell in one’s heart, there is no Buddha; if one is not devout and dedicated, how can one take up the sacred job of bell ringing?”
From the above story, we can conclude that we should treat the first thing in life with heart, even if it is a very small thing; we must not be double-minded and confuse the truth with falsehood, and in the end, it is ourselves who suffer the loss.
In work, even though it is a small thing, we should also look further and combine them with ambitious, fixed goals, step by step, step by step.

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