Stories of flooding – Never give up, and a miracle may happen.

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After a person was swept away by the turbulent river, he went down the water like a blade of grass. At this time, the man how much he wanted to grab a thing, even if it was a reed, a handful of water grass or. However, there was water on all sides. He could not grab anything, thinking this was hopeless, die! This thought came out, and the body immediately weakened and had no strength to struggle. The whole body is also going to sink.
At this point, he suddenly remembered that last summer to this river to play, not far from the downstream of the river bank there is an old tree, is slanted long, which has a thick branch just close to the water …… a thought of this, his heart suddenly rose to hope. A hope, his heart is not panic, strength also came out, so they desperately struggled forward, finally reaching the old tree.
When he desperately yanked the branch to the river, who knows that the department has long been dead, by his hard yank, “click” a broken …… at this time, to save his people also arrived. Afterward, he said, if he had known that it was a dead branch, he would not have been able to hold on there.
Heartfelt words:
Hope is the trust of life. Hope is the pillar of success. Hope is the lighthouse of progress. If the light of hope is not extinguished, win and victory will eventually belong to you!

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