Spring water and pond water – a little more love for life

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The spring sings a joyful song daily, delivering the life of all things; the pond water is sullen all day long as if it has a lot on its mind. One midsummer evening, the pool of water said to the spring with a gloomy face: “You are always so frivolous, when can you become more stable?”

Springwater cheerfully replied: “optimism and frivolity between, can not simply draw an equal sign. Like you always have a face, I would have been sad to die.” Pool water suddenly changed the subject: “give out is the same as lost forever, take to mean the real possession. I think you should save some strength, or once the water dries up, your life will be over.”

The spring swept a wave and then confidently said to the pool of water: “Take back your philosophy of the world. Life is in the process of dedication, shining out the value of the implication, bursting out of the infinite charm. I’m not going to lie; it is because I give every day that I am so happy.

“Optimistic people do not let the cloudy sky spoil their happiness, and pessimistic people can hardly open their faces when they step into the flowers. Enjoyment is a joy, giving is a pleasure, and it is more fulfilling and meaningful. The spring, by the efforts of the former run, merges into the river and gushes into the sea, but the pool dries itself in silence. For those who are numb, it is not the lack of fun in life but their lack of love for life.

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