Sea turtles and sea cans – no man can stand without faith

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In the East China Sea, the sea turtle and the sea can find a water dragon pearl simultaneously. So, they decided that the turtle would take the pearl to Japan to sell, and the income would be divided equally between them.
A year later, the turtle returned from Japan with a bulging bag of money, and the sea can rushed to the turtle’s house. After some pleasantries, the sea can see the turtle never mention the matter of sharing money. The heart is very surprised. They can not help but ask.
“Turtle brother, the water dragon pearl sold?”
“Oh, sold. I ……” said the sea turtle and was about to change the subject when the sea can asked closely: “So, now you can give me my half.”
“What? Your half? Where’s your half?” After the sea turtle finished, he waved his hand impatiently, indicating that the sea could go away.
“Brother turtle, that water dragon pearl was discovered by us together. Didn’t we agree at that time that we would share the proceeds from the sale equally?”
“What evidence do you have to prove that you were also the discoverer of the water dragon pearl in the first place?” The sea turtle justifiably asked the sea can.
“This …… this ……,” said the sea can be difficult, “brother turtle, even if you do not give me half, give a third of it. Besides, I have taken care of your family this year.”
“Have you all been taken care of by it?” The turtle asked his family in anger.
“No!” The sea turtle answered in unison with its family because it had conspired with them as soon as they entered the house.
“You …… have forgotten your righteousness and your word, and no one will associate with you or be your friends in the future.” Can the sea finish and leave the turtle family?
From then on, the people will scorn the sea turtle family. They are too ashamed to look up to people and have to shrink their heads to live.
“Faith” is to keep their promises, to achieve their commitments, and to speak of faith is to get along with people’s fundamentals.
Breach of trust in others shows a person’s low character, misconduct, and self-destructive and stupid behavior. Such a person is difficult to achieve great things in the future.
Modern society is a legal society. Only creditworthy people will get loans. People in business will dare to do business with you. Companies will hire you, and others will dare to make friends with you; however, it is difficult for you to gain a foothold in this society. Therefore, no matter how you use it, trustworthiness and honesty are still the most fundamental to success.
For a person who is not trustworthy, the end is like the fable of the turtle, a lifetime of shrinking to do the end!

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