Sea turtle encounter – you need to give before you get

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The Sea Turtle Chancellor led the shrimp soldiers and crab generals to win a big battle. When he returned to report to the Dragon King, he expressed great satisfaction with the Turtle Chancellor’s excellent command ability and superb leadership art. After the debriefing, the Sea Turtle Chancellor did not yet get up to say goodbye.

“Chancellor Turtle, do you have anything else?” The Dragon King asked.

“I …… I have collected a few trophies from the battlefield that I like very much. But when I was returning to the palace, I was detained by the soldiers who inspected them, and they said that you, Dragon King, have orders not to allow the private interception of the spoils of war, but I, I really like those few things in particular, so please can you give me permission, to claim those items back.”
“No problem.” With a big wave of his pen, the Dragon King signed a line on the list of items taken out by the Sea Turtle Chancellor.

The Sea Turtle Chancellor was delighted, but after reading the signature, it said to the Dragon King, “Your Majesty, you have made a mistake here, my position is Chancellor, why did you write that I am the Chief of Guards?”

“That’s right, Sea Turtle Chief of Guards, it’s an exchange of equal value.”

What you want to get, you have to give something; without sharing, there can be no gain; sometimes, you have to weigh the weight; your income is proportional to the payment. If you think about getting, and get something and do whatever it takes, then, sometimes, even if you get it, you will pay more for this; this is what the ancients said: “gain is not worth the loss”. So, do not always think about what you have not got, but think more about how much you have paid.

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