Rooster’s conversation with the hen – learning to understand others

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Mr Rooster loves to sing. He sings all day long with his head held high, flaps his wings from time to time, and walks around the flock hoping to hear their praise.

One day, when Mr Rooster stretched out his neck and was ready to sing again, a little hen named Yaya came up to him and said coldly: “Mr. Rooster, don’t you think your cry is very ugly? It doesn’t sound like singing at all, it’s worse than human crying!”

“What! What did you say! How dare you humiliate me like that? You don’t even know how to sing, let alone appreciate it, you little bastard who only clucks every day! What qualifications do you have to lecture me?”

After scolding, Mr Rooster beat his wings and shook his neck, ready to rush over and teach the little hen Yaya a lesson.

“Please rest your anger, Mr. Rooster.” At that moment, an old hen came forward, stood up and stopped Mr Rooster’s way.

“Didn’t you hear it just humiliate me?” When Mr Rooster saw the old hen blocking his way, he had to put away his wings and question the nosy old hen.

“Mr. Rooster, your song is really nice, we are all your faithful listeners, and Yaya is no exception, it’s just that his mother was taken away by the damn weasel last night, so he is in a bad mood, I think you can understand his mood.”
“Oh, so that’s how it is, Yaya why didn’t you tell me earlier? I’m so sorry for disturbing you, please forgive me.” Mr Rooster finished and bowed deeply towards Yaya, the little hen.

Very often, people are accustomed to taking their hearts and minds, thinking that others will have the exact needs and likes and dislikes as they do. If you treat people with this as a starting point, once you do not get a good response, you will arbitrarily think that the other party does not know good and evil and is stingy to give again. Therefore, to let people understand themselves, you must first understand others. Understand others, see the situation of others, and do or say things with others in mind so that we can avoid giving others trouble.

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