Ranchers and hunters – Let others benefit from you

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In the grasslands of Australia, a rancher kept many sheep. His hunter neighbor kept a pack of fierce hounds in his yard. These dogs often jumped over the fence and attacked the young lambs in the pasture. The rancher asked the hunter several times to close the dogs, but the hunter did not think and verbally agreed, but within a few days, his hounds jumped into the pasture again rampage, biting several lambs. The ranch owner could not stand it and took the hunter to court.

Listening to his complaint, the judge said: “I can punish the hunter, but also issued a decree to let him lock up the dog. But then you will lose a friend and have an enemy. Would you rather have an enemy as a neighbor? Or would you rather be a neighbor to a friend?” “Of course I would like to be neighbors with my friends.” The rancher said. “Well then, I’ll give you an idea, do as I say. Not only will you ensure that your flock will not be harassed, but you will also win a friendly neighbor.”

The judge explained thus and so. The rancher said yes again and again.

As soon as he arrived home, the rancher selected three of the cutest lambs, according to the judge, and gave them to the hunter’s three sons. Seeing the white and gentle lambs, the children were like a treasure, every day after school to play with the lambs in the yard. Because the fear of hounds hurt the sons of the lamb, the hunter made a large iron cage, and the dog locked up solidly.

Since then, the rancher’s flock has not been harassed.

To thank the rancher for his kindness, the hunter began to send him all kinds of games, and the rancher returned the hunter with lamb and cheese from time to time.

Gradually, the two became good friends.

Turning enemies into friends is a skill to interact with people. When there is a conflict with others, more for the sake of others, so that others can also benefit from it, so that they can also benefit from each other, to help each other, to have more of a friend, less an enemy. People get along with people is to using more sincerity. Usually, we only think about how to give each other a hard time when we conflict with others, and how to give each other a downward spiral, but change our perspective and think more about each other; everything will be wide open.

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